Griffin MAS

The Enterprise CDN.


We've got you covered, and will deliver content to your users anywhere in the world for one flat, low per GB rate.

MAS Global Content Delivery Network

23 POPs to meet the content delivery needs of today's enterprises.

MAS Network Map

Companies large and small trust Griffin MAS

Gaming, Live Streaming, E-Commerce, and more.

The eFunFun gaming network hosts millions of players across Asia, and offers a variety of adventure and roleplaying games to its users. eFunFun depends on MAS for reliable and secure content delivery to ensure the best possible user experience for eFunFun customers.

So-net Entertainment Ltd, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, uses Griffin MAS to provide high performance caching, streaming, acceleration and security services to So-net customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Broadcasting Corporation of China relies on Griffin MAS to deliver live radio streams to millions of listeners in dozens of countries around the world.

The popular e-commerce website Orange Bear Design uses Griffin MAS to respond to more than 200 million cached file requests every month from users around the world.

MAS in now available in the IBM Cloud Marketplace

IBM customers can now leverage an Enterprise CDN

Griffin MAS is the first CDN to be made available to IBM Cloud Marketplace customers. IBM customers can now leverage the power of an enterprise-ready Content Delivery Network to deliver content rapidly and securely to users anywhere in the world, for a flat, global per-gigabyte rate.

Find Griffin MAS in the IBM Cloud Marketplace at