About Griffin MAS

What is MAS?

Griffin MAS (Media Acceleration Service) is an exceptionally fast, secure, and cost-effective CDN designed specifically for the needs of enterprise customers. MAS runs on Softlayer’s robust global network of data centers.

Who built and maintains MAS?

Griffin MAS is built by Griffin Labs, a cross-cultural team of product designers and programmers. The Griffin Labs head office is located in the Isle of Man, with its development hub located in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is currently hiring! If you're looking for an exciting new career with a passionate, dynamic, globally-distributed team of designers and developers working on large-scale internet products for customers around the world, then get in touch!

How is MAS unique?

Gone are the days where a CDN needs to cache a website's content on 1000s of edge servers; unless that is, you're stuck using an archaic technology set and outdated hardware. MAS has been built from the ground up using the internet's newest web technologies, and is powered by Softlayer's expansive, growing list of data centers around the globe. This approach enables MAS to deploy and utilize a targeted set of caching servers, called MAS node clusters, in geographic hotspots which are nearby to users. The result is an exceptionally fast, stable, and reliable CDN.

Did we mention MAS is fast? Well it is!

Our customers are continually amazed that Griffin MAS can meet, and often beat, the request and download speeds of many of the CDN industry's biggest names, and MAS does this with far fewer geographic edge servers.