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Griffin MAS teams with Himore to provide fast and cost-effective content delivery to Asia’s enterprise customers

MAS helps company expand its product offering to Asia’s enterprise customers through a CDN reseller partnership.

Taipei, Taiwan - February 06, 2015 - Griffin MAS, an exceptionally fast, secure, and cost-effective enterprise-grade CDN built on Softlayer, and Himore Digital Co. Ltd, a professional network software, information service, and enterprise IT consulting provider, today announced a partnership to bring a powerful and impressive CDN to Asia’s enterprise customers.

The Griffin MAS CDN is of particular interest to enterprises desiring a scalable and secure CDN to service their customers, users, and employees worldwide.

"We need a CDN partner who is well positioned around the world, with excellent coverage and the speed to match,” said Jim Yang, President of Himore. “With no restriction on the number of websites which a customer can have, like other CDNs, we believe MAS is the best choice for enterprise customers who need competitive pricing and low latency. MAS provides our customers with this and much more”.

Griffin MAS is a CDN combining superior caching technology, scalable caching clusters, web application firewalls, evolving DDoS network security protections, and at the time of writing 22 physical and network points of presence (POPs) around the globe, all backed by Softlayer’s reliable infrastructure and network.

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About Himore

Himore Digital Co. Ltd is a professional network software, information service, and enterprise IT consulting provider. Headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan, Himore services enterprise customers across the Asia region. Himore specializes in bandwidth consolidation, cloud applications, learning application software, as well as tools for organization development, human resource management, performance management, and training.

About Griffin MAS

Griffin MAS is an exceptionally fast, secure, and cost-effective CDN designed and managed specifically for the needs of enterprise customers. MAS is powered by Softlayer’s reliable infrastructure, with its expansive and growing list of data centers around the globe.