MAS Security

Web Application Firewalls

The MAS network employs the power and flexibility of secure web application firewalls, in conjunction with filtering and scrubbing techniques at the DNS and caching levels, to ensure reliable and evolving DDoS mitigation and network security protections at layers 3, 4, and 7 of the OSI stack.

  • Shared and Private SSL
  • Port Flooding Protection
  • Multiple protocol protections - SYN, UDP, ICMP, HTTP, etc.
  • Brute Force & Intrusion Detection
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Active DDoS Mitigation and Monitoring

Infrastructure Security by Softlayer

Softlayer's extensive experience providing stable and scalable web infrastructure for enterprise customers such as the U.S. Department of Interior, The Hartford, Novitex, NiSource, Whirlpool, CalCloud, and others, make Softlayer the perfect MAS infrastructure partner.

Physical and Operational Security

SoftLayer provides a wide range of security options for partners such as MAS to choose from, ensuring MAS infrastructure is protected with multiple, overlapping layers of protection customized to our needs and interests.

Network Security

SoftLayer’s innovative network architecture and commitment to using the most advanced hardware technologies dramatically minimize data center and server exposure to outside threats. The Softlayer network integrates three distinct and redundant architectures into our multi-tiered network topology.

System, Application, and Data Security

Beneath Softlayer’s layers of physical and network protection, MAS caching servers and data are further safeguarded by several tiers of comprehensive, standard security features. Additional hardware-assisted security options are available on demand, allowing Softlayer to customize its enterprise's security profile based on MAS’s changing requirements or needs.

DNS Security by NSONE

MAS has partnered with NSONE, the high performance DNS service offering unparalleled reach, capacity, reliability, and performance. NSONE has taken its decades of experience in the hosting industry and developed an IP network comprised of the best transit providers to offer a secure, self-healing and anycasted DNS layer to the MAS network.

  • Basic Protocol Filtering
  • Overbuilding and Autoscaling
  • BGP Techniques
  • Advanced Packet Inspection & Segmentation
  • Super-POPs
  • Scrubbing Services