MAS Solutions

Software Distribution

Distribute your software and updates to your customers on a global scale.

When your software is ready, or you have an update to push to your customers, your company needs a CDN solution which can ensure your files are delivered to customers quickly and securely. MAS CDN guarantees rapid delivery of your company’s files to your customer’s devices wherever in world they might be. The MAS Super Purge feature allows you to purge terabytes of cached data in seconds, ensuring your customers are never served an outdated software package.

Scalable software distribution

MAS easily handles the spikes in traffic which can be expected when you release your software and its updates.

Multi-lingual filename support

MAS had been designed to serve not only a global user base, but also a global, multi-lingual customer base.

Cost-effective content delivery

MAS customers end up saving up to 40% on their content delivery costs compared with other CDNs in the industry.

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